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We produce marvelous low-budget films.

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We are based in London. And we focus on international low-budget productions.
We have work experience in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and France.

What we offer.

For us, producing a feature or even short film is not only about getting the job done. We work together with you, trying to make the best with the budget available, without restricting your ideas and creativity.

We believe crafting films is about having fun on set. How do you want to achieve marvelous results when the crew is only interested in the project's money? Building an interested, experienced, versatile and fun crew is one of our main concerns.


We have a registry of actors, crew members, and pre-production team members. Everything can be done! We even have Artists who will draw you beautiful storyboards, Sound Designers that will create powerful atmospheres, Web Developers that will take on the promotional side, and many other Creatives that are ready to hop onto your low-budget projects.

Darwin Lynch (2011)